My kids were sickly babies. Almost every month, we would visit their doctor for treatment. They were often afflicted with cough and cold, bronchitis and asthma, or primary complex or Pulmonary Tuberculosis in children. And the perpetrators were cigarette smoke, dust and other allergy-causing air pollutants. Our refrigerator would virtually turn into a big medicine cabinet for various types of liquid medicine for my kids. Their being sickly took a toll on our little savings. And I end up taking vacation leaves often to attend to my sick children. I even thought of sending my kids to a specialist who does acupuncture therapy for children to strengthen their immunity. I also resort to online research and end up reading various desktop air purifier reviews. Though I wasn’t able to buy an air purifier, the information that I’ve gathered on the Net has helped me figure out the type of purifier that I need and the brands that are available. Experts are recommending the use of air purifiers because they are 99 percent effective in trapping particulates in the air like smoke, pet dander, or pollen. The kids are no longer sickly because they have a stronger immunity or defense to sickness. I’m glad those sick days are over. 🙂

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