Asian cooking

If I’m not a blogger today I might be running a food business. I love to cook for my family and try out new dishes, the simple ones to prepare. I particularly love Asian food. So when I’m online, there is the tendency for me to search for food site and look for cooking recipes like the ones they have at The site features not only mouth-watering dishes but healthy food cooking for both adult and yes, kids. They have this recipe made for diabetic and for the weight-conscious.

I especially love to try out their new vegetable recipes to encourage my kids to eat veggies often. They have a complete recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer and even snack. So the site is a complete stop for moms who prepare a recipe for the whole week. You will never run out of ideas, you just have to be creative in preparing food for your family. This is a good sight for moms with school-age kids like me.

So if you want to learn how to cook and want to try a variety of dishes for your family an friends, just visit the site and register to become a member. I forgot to mention that you can also post your favourite recipe once you become a member. And do check out their top 10 recipes. Happy cooking!

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