Baby safe travel bed

When my youngest child was born we rarely bring him outside for a mall stroll or afternoon walk at the park because he’s a big child. I couldn’t carry him long enough without feeling exhausted. We tried bringing a stroller but it was too bulky to carry. One time I had to change his diaper inside the ladies room but I don’t have a changing pad where I could lay him. If I had known about infant travel bed during those times it would have been convenient for us to bring my son along wherever we go. We would have a comfy space for our little angel to take his nap and change his diaper without the hassle. Anyway, if I didn’t have the chance to use a travel bed for my own son, I can always recommend this to my newly-married cousin when she finally have her baby. The good thing about this infant travel bed is that it has collapsible frame for an afternoon or extended travel. It is easy to carry and no one will notice that it’s a travel bed for it looks like an attractive bag when folded. It has large storage pockets that hold all the baby essentials. My cousin will no longer have to bother bringing an extra bag for her future child’s toiletries. Did I say the travel bed includes two soft toys, a padded bottom and sides, and a fitted sheet — all that for $28.99? I think I know what to give my cousin for Christmas.

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