Be happy and healthy this Christmas

I’ve got some health tips for you my dear friends just before you get really busy preparing for Christmas. Read on.

1. Eat moderately

 We have the tendency to binge and blame the occasion as an excuse. Admit it girls. Just remember that calories you need to burn from eating calorie you need to burn to maintain you activities everyday. It’s easy to gain than lose those excess pounds. I should know. 😉

2. Drink moderately

Drink socially and moderately. You should know how much you can tolerate. And just remember the golden rule:  ‘Do not drink and drive to avoid accidents.’

3. Buy safe toys

 I know many of you are beginning to hoard er buy toys as gift for your kids, relatives’ kids, friends’ kids and godchildren but make sure that these toys are children-friendly. Do not buy toys with sharp objects in it and toys that are too small that they can be swallowed.

4. Prepare healthy meals

 Experts recommend to include vegetables and fruits in the dinner table with the traditional ‘hamon’ and ‘queso-de-bola.’ Now you have well-balanced ‘Noche buena’ and ‘Media Noche’.

5. Display Environment-Friendly Christmas Decors

 I know many of you are using an old Christmas tree and decor this year. That’s good news because we are doing the environment a big favor by recycling decors.

6. No fireworks please

 I know this sounds boring to you, but hey it can save limbs and lives. We can always make some noise to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year except the noise produced by firecracker explosion. And please dear readers, spread the word…don’t fire a gun.  

7. Plan ahead

 You don’t want to be stressed out this Christmas so plan your activities for your family and for yourself.

8. Don’t shop till you drop

 I know some of you are in this mode already. Just a word of advice, avoid shopping rush and do not overshop. Avail of the Christmas bargain sale. You can save not only your money but also your precious energy.

9.  Healthy gift-giving

 Buy gifts that you feel would be appreciated and useful to your recipients. And don’t forget to buy something for yourself – a reward for working so hard. You deserve it.

10. Take it easy

 I like this one a lot. Pace yourself and take time out to have a quiet time to reflect on your blessings and on the goodness and beauty of life.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Source: Health Beat, Official Publication of the DOH.

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