Beat the summer heat! (and some notes to avoid getting sick)

BEFORE you head to that long-planned summer getaway, here are some simple and effective tips to make your vacation memorable and trouble-free.

I find this health tips from the Department of Health useful for any given season or occasion.

Some known summer conditions known to men include food and water-borne diseases. These are:

1. Typhoid
2. Cholera
3. Hepatitis A
4. Food Poisoning
5. Other Diarrheas

• Sore Eyes
• Measles (Tigdas)
• Mosquito-borne Diseases
– Dengue
– Malaria
• Other Conditions
– Sunburn
– Prickly Heat

Handling Food and drinks

• Cook food properly
• Preferably, food must be eaten immediately after cooking (while still hot)
• Leftover food should be refrigerated and reheated before being eaten
• Food handlers should wash their hands before and after food preparation
• If sick, avoid preparing food for others
• Avoid drinking water and iced beverages of doubtful quality
• If water quality is doubtful, boil drinking water for at least 2 minutes
• Peel and wash fruits / vegetables before eating
• Wash hands before and after eating

At the beach

• Do not allow children to swim without the company of an adult
• Avoid staying under the sun without scanty clothes for more than 3 hours as this predisposes to sunburn, heat exhaustion and worst, heat stroke
• Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, especially during exercise & sports activities

While on the road

• Check vehicle well before going on a trip
• Bring repair kit with you
• When drunk, never attempt to drive

Now, don’t forget to bring extra clothes with you and oh your camera, too! Have fun!

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