Beating the deadline

In a couple of days school is finally over. Vacation is a wonderful time for recreation and learning new stuff. For me and my kids, we just can’t wait to watch our favorite DVD movies over and over. Vacation saves me from waking up early every morning to prepare my kids for school. Now I’ll just take my own sweet time to lie around, catch up with my readings (been wanting to do this for a long time. Aye, the procrastinator in me). I will now have more time to blog. Yes, I’m getting the hang of web blogging and must admit beginning to like it.

When I was working, I look forward to a new assignment or coverage each day. I would make a mental list of all the possible angle in a story/data at hand. And boy nothing beats the adrenaline rush that I get while I am pressing the keyboard just to meet my deadline. Do I get the same feeling in blogging? I must say yes, but on a different level. Since I have no boss to please (re story material) here and deadlines to worry about. I should say I still get excited to write anything of importance to me and to my (selected) reader. Somehow, I’m reviving my interest in writing (after two years of hiatus). Thanks to blogging!

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