Best Ways to Eliminate Moles and Gophers From the Landscape

Ask any homeowner with moles or gopher problems, and they will tell you how difficult it is to remove them from their landscape. When faced with such a difficult problem, many people turn to a wide range of remedies to eliminate the critter problem. Many turn to their local garden store and purchase chemical based products that often cause bigger problems such as plant destruction. A much better alternative is to use home remedies, and there are a myriad of reasons why choosing a natural repellent is a better option.

If you suspect that your lawn or garden has moles, it is important to identify the moles to make sure that this is the problem. Start by checking your lawn and garden for tunnels as this is a good indicator that you have moles. For best results, check the tunnel areas early in the morning or early evening because that’s when the moles are more active. If you see tunnels, crush the tunnels and check back in a day or two. If you find the tunnel was rebuilt, then you have mole activity. Moles and gophers need the ideal environment in order to thrive. Therefore, before you look for the best home remedy mole repellent, think about eliminating the environment that produces critter problem. Since these creatures thrive in a moist loamy soil and live off grubs and insects, try to eliminate as much insect and grubs as possible from the landscape.

There are many homemade products that users claim are effective in eliminating moles and gophers such as spreading coffee grounds, garlic and fabric softener to the affected area. Many of these home remedies do not work.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of moles and gopher is to shop for natural mole and gopher repellent. To ensure, you have the most effective natural products that won’t harm your children or pets, look for products that are plant based and made without pesticides, and used those on the landscape. Read the label carefully and if you have a vegetable garden do not add repellent to the vegetables. Most natural homemade repellant will absorb in the soil and provide a protective barrier for the plant and its roots and keep the mole and gopher away. This is by far the best home remedy gopher repellent as well as mole repellent and is worth

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