Birthday Girl: That’s me!

 From the mouth of babes hehe. Joke. Seriously, I’m so very happy upon reading every greet post made by my marces and friends. You really made my day. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the wonderful wishes they left at my site and at FB.

When I quit my regular work three years ago, I thought I completely shut myself from the outside world (parang nasa loob ako ng Bahay ni Kuya hehe) leaving my friends behind. But I was introduced to blogging and its zany characters (bloggers po) and my life was not the same anymore. I develop friendship with many of my fellow bloggers and hopefully blossom into a lasting relationship beyond the blogosphere.

The following posts with their corresponding links are my marces and friends who wrote the post for me on their sites. Please visit them to know more about this wonderful people.

From Marce Chris
May God bless you Yami!
Visit her at Pen, Paper, Pan, Mom Writes For A Cause and Yam’s Files to send your greetings!
I found a sister and a mentor to you. I may not be around (specially on your blogs) you’re always on my thoughts and prayers. And I am really really glad that you are one of Sati’s ninang, you just don;t know how proud I am to call you my marce.. Happy Birthday!
I hope we can visit you soon Marce. muah! muah! muah! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Yami! I know we haven’t really had the chance to get close yet but I do hope to get to know you better soon lalo na sa pag uwi ko sa June( wow rhyming di bah).
I hope you get whatever your heart desires this year!

Happy Birthday Marce Yami. My earnest prayer for you on your birthday is that may the love of God be with you all day through with his endless and boundless grace. May He richly bless your life with much happiness and success.
May we see each other someday.

From Marce Niko

Dear Marce Yami,

You are so blessed with loving and talented kids and you look like friends when you go out together, paglaki ko gagayahin namen kayo ni yena ^_^. You are so happily married and you are one WAHM i envy. Should i enumerate how lucky you are? Hmmm. There are lots of them but the most is the way you write your oppps, you write good! I envy your old work too, i love to work in the media, lol. Do i sound so envious of you?! ^_^ All i want to say is that you are one LUCKY Lady and am so proud to call you my kumare..

Happy Happy Birthday Marce Yami!! Mwahness

From Sis Mylene:
It is my dear friend’s birthday today, and that is none other than Yami. She is the woman behind Mom Writes for a causeYam’s File and Pen, Paper & Pan.  I’ve met this kind-hearted girl through Mommy Moments. Her meaningful and relevant posts are the reasons why I keep coming back to her blogs.  I haven’t seen this sweet mommy in person yet but we had a chance to burn lines few months ago.  And though we had no chance to see each other face-to-face yet, this is not enough excuse to hinder our friendship to flourish. I thank God for this wonderful mommy.
Happy Birthday Mommy! I pray that God continue to bless you and your entire family. May He grant you the desires of your heart.

I have already met her in person, and she is so warm, much like what you’d feel when you read her posts. I didn’t know she was a professional writer (yes she is! And I’m proud to be her marce! Woot!) before she turned work-at-home-mom (I learned by reading her short bio on Barrio Siete), but it’s obvious with how well she expresses herself on her blogs. I just didn’t realize how “involved” she was with her work before the blogging world. To you marce, the woman who cried because of Fedhz on their first EVER meet-up (BAD Fedhz! LOL), you know I love you dearly and would do anything for you. I miss talking to you on YM (install your messenger! Now na! Tee hee). Oi, don’t cry ha? I know you cry easier than the rest of us marces. Hehe. Love you marce! Looking forward to seeing you on June! Don’t be absent ha?

From Fedhz
O, nasurpresa ka no? hahaha! Wala akong masabi kundi miss kita. Naks me ganun? Pano naman ilang beses na kitang inimbitahan sumama sa mga blogging events eh di ka sumasama. HMF! Baka sa reunion ng She Bloggers wala ka pa din. hmf ulit. sabihin ko kay Peh, alisin ka sa Marce Club. hehehe
Pero neks taym, pag nagkita tayo ulit eh di na ko magkukuwento. Baka maiyak ka na naman eh. huhu. Dami ko pa naman kwento.. sikwet na lang. hihi.
Nung una tayong nagkita sa megamall kala ko sungit ka eh, kahit naka smile ka. Parang ung mga sungit kong mga guro nung elementarya at hayskul. Pero bait din naman sila. Sa unang tingin lang din parang shungit. Miss ko na nga din mga klasmeyts ko eh. Kamusta na ba sila? hihihi
Naku, di ko ata mapaabot ng 200 words. Yan, walang link. hehe.

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