Blogversary and birthday contest

Fedhz, the cute mom and owner of Home Buddies is celebrating her first blogversary and birthday at the same time. To thank her loyal readers, followers and friends she came up with this online contest where the lucky winner(s) who will get the highest point (refer to the mechanics of the game) will win over $200 in prize, EC credits and more.

To fully understand the mechanics of the contest please visit her site by clicking on the badge above.

Join the fun and Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest!

3 thoughts on “Blogversary and birthday contest

  1. fedhz

    thanks, mommy! ^^ please give me your twit username ha?

    but sorry, no points for tweeting. ^^ digg and Stumble upon, 3 points each. arte no?


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