Bonding with Dad

My son spend sometime with his dad assembling foldabot characters (cut out patterns)yesterday. The photos are dim because I took the images using my cellphone (sorry we don’t have a camera right now). Khalil has a knack for assembling/disassembling (without returning to its original state, lol) small toys. Both son and dad had fun doing this…

 Source of Khalil’s joy at the moment
working on it….
with the help of his Dad
Foldabot Manananggal
…the finish product…foldabot Manananggal beware
ready for the take-off…
yay manananggal nga….ngiiii…
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11 thoughts on “Bonding with Dad

  1. Seiko

    This one hubby missing a lot.We do sometimes talked about havin’ a son in the family & almost gave up for havin’ even one.Bawi na lang kami siguro sa magiging apo hehe.Awts tumatanda na talaga ako imagine apo na ang binabanggit ko dito?
    I like the bonding of the father & son in here,cute ng mananaggal hehe.

  2. Mom of Four

    Talagang natanggal ang katawan?? hehehe! Katuwa naman yan.. I can say that your hubby has so much patience with your son, and this is a great way of bonding..Cool pictures from your cell phone..


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