Book enthusiasts

My daughter just turned 12 this month and already wrote a few short stories by herself. Her stories deal with friendship and mystery. They were inspired by reading Nancy Drew series….She has read books that I have not seen when I was her age.

I was introduced to reading good books when I was already in high school. I remember my first pocket book was Mills and Boon, not a child reading material though. But it was the only available book that I found in our house or must have left by someone in our house.

And now that I am a mother myself I make it a point to spend a little for a good book or two for my kids. My youngest by the way is a 9-year-old boy.

We don’t really buy expensive titles just the right book for a reasonable amount. We even visit second-hand bookshop once in a while. While their love for books is impressive for their age, I make sure that school activities are not neglected. Studies remain their priority. We give them books as a reward for their good performance in school. Reading I observed has improved their comprehension and has kept them abreast of the latest information.

Books are a great learning tools and my kids’ best collection so far.

The picture was taken inside a mall in Marikina City.

2 thoughts on “Book enthusiasts

  1. Genejosh

    that’s great! your girl …mana sa yo..good in words…ako din i love books and had large pile of collection..i admit I’m a ?Nancy Drews Series…

  2. Miriam

    Thanks for the compliment.(jump for joy) pero mukhang mas magaling ang anak ko. hehe. Sana nga I have the same enthusiasm for reading books like my daughter. 🙂


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