Break a leg Doc!

Our petite and amiable pediatrician took the bar exams yesterday. She said she wanted to fulfill her long time dream of becoming a lawyer. She said she wanted to be a forensic expert as there are only few practicing forensic experts in her field at the moment. In our small chat she said she had children patients who bore suspicious looking marks like signs of abuse on their body, but she can’t include what she saw or observed on her medical assessment unless brought up by the relatives themselves. Although at times she can’t help but inquire. She said relatives would reveal some information but she knew its far from reality. This gave her the interest to pursue law studies. I hope she pass the bar exams so she’ll be able to help children victims of abuse.

A total of 6,079 took the bar exams yesterday and three more Sundays at the De La Salle University Campus in Taft Avenue.

Forensics is a broad range of sub specialties which use techniques adapted from the natural sciences to obtain criminal or other legal evidence.

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