Choosing a blog theme/template is never easy

It may take a while before I could finally settle in my new house, I mean my new blog. Until now I’m still undecided what layout and theme to choose. There are wide selections of themes available for WordPress users, but I can’t seem to find the ‘best’ theme that suits my taste. Furthermore, I still have difficulty tinkering with some widgets until now. I know I should have studied the new platform first (just to get the feel of it) before starting another blog. But don’t get me wrong I’m beginning to like WP now.

Like in choosing a real house to settle in, users should refer to house plans to help them decide what particular design or style of house they really want, how many rooms or if they need a larger garage. The House Plans and More website showcase top selling plans and popular plan styles available for users. The complete floor plan of the house you choose is sold for a certain amount. For example, the house plan of a bungalow style home, which by the way is my dream home, is sold at $635.00 online. I’d say I love the simplicity of bungalow style homes and they are affordable and easy to manage, they somehow fit my family’s simple way of living.

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