Christmas spirit

It’s six days before Christmas but I haven’t decided what food to prepare on Christmas Eve. I’m thinking of preparing spaghetti, fried chicken and fruit salad for my family. But If I don’t have much time to prepare anything but salad, we might end up buying pizza (I hope its from Yellow Cab).
Our miniature Belen
I just took out this miniature Belen (symbol of the Nativity scene) from our cabinet. We don’t have a Christmas tree so every year we just displayed this Belen in the living room to have a feel of the Christmas Season at home.

White Christmas printed on a tarpaulin

We also have our own version of ‘white’ Christmas. Hubby printed a snowy Christmas scene on a tarpaulin. It looks like a wall paper but its not.
Belen represents Nativity scene. It is one of the many traditional symbols of Christmas celebration in the Philippines. The term is a Spanish word for the town of Bethlehem. It embodies the young Jesus Christ lying on a manger. He is surrounded by Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, the shepherds, their flock and the three Kings (Magi). There are also some animals and Angels with them.
At the onset of Christmas season, Filipinos put up Belens in their homes, school, churches and office buildings.
Belens are usually adorned with Christmas lights, lanterns and coloful background.

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