Console a Friend with Serious Illness

Have you ever been in the presence of a friend that you would like to comfort so badly but you just do not know what to say? What you can do are say these things:

  • “Would you like to say anything? I am all ears.” – This will make your friend realize that you are willing to listen to whatever he/she is going through.
  • “You are a strong person.” – Remember that your friend would need all the encouragement that he or she can get. By saying that, you can make the person believe that he/she will be able to get through it.
  • “Do you have some errands that you would like me to do?” – Being stuck in the hospital is the pits for a lot of people because they still have responsibilities outside. Give them peace of mind by doing their errands for them even for just a day.

These things may not always work but they will sure be worth a try.

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