Do you think you’re hot?

I got this tag from Len of Sunday Blues

Do you think you’re hot?
Too hot to handle. LOLz
Why do you love (like) this picture?
One of the highlights of my career as a reporter and an AIDS advocate.
When was the last time you eat pizza?
Last July 20, 2009 take out Yellow Cab @ SM Fairview
What is the latest song you’ve heard?
Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
What are you doing while working on this game?
Adgitize and Entrecard drop
What is your favorite nick name?
Yam or Yami ‘coz it sounds pleasant to my ear.
What kind of person are you?
An introvert type, sweet, jealous but loving. I’m a couch potato (don’t ask about my weight pls). Prefers sleeping than reading or writing.
What is your favorite song?
Somebody by Depeche Mode and Love of my life by Queen.
What is (are) your favorite food?
Fried or grilled pork liempo. Adobo. Pork or Beef Sinigang. Kare-Kare.
What is (are) the most stressful thing(s) to you?
Household chores not done on time. Bills with past due date. Examination period of my kids. Waking up late on weekdays. Out of cash. hehe. 
What is your favorite color/s?
Pastel colors
Please tag other friends of yours.
I’m tagging all my girlfriends in the blogosphere…
What is your not-fulfilled-yet dream?
Travel, travel and more travel. Build a beautiful house. But when I was working I also dream of publishing (more) award-winning articles. Start a scriptwriting career. Be eloquent in the English language.
What is your favorite city to stay?
Quezon City

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