Doing school project then and now

Kids these days don’t settle for school projects printed on simple bond paper. Sometimes they request for quality paper for photo printing. In my time, we don’t have computer or even typwriter at home. All our projects are done manually without the help of gadgets or computer program to enhance pictures. So when we need to submit a book report or an album of pictures, I wrote the book review by hand and then for pictures I cut out images from magazines and newspapers that I collected from neighbors. By the way, the books that I used for my book report were borrowed from my godmother who also owned a set of encyclopedia and Reader’s Digest. During those days owning a set of encyclopedia are like status symbol or economic or social status of a family.

Going back to my thoughts on doing school project, good thing about my kids even if they require costly brand of papers for printing, they are the ones who research and complete their own project. No mommy or daddy assistance there. And we are proud that they can do their own school project now and even study on their own during examination period.

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