E-cigarette for quitters

Hubby used to consume 5 or more sticks of cigarettes a day. He quit smoking when he develops a smoker’s cough, a kind of cough seen in smokers which develop as a consequence of phlegm build up in the trachea. If during those times e-cigarette was already in the market I might recommend it to him while he is gradually adjusting to the occasional cravings. Electronic cigars are battery-operated device used by experts as harm-reduction strategy in the treatment of nicotine addiction. Electronic cigars provides the same flavour and physical sensation of the traditional cigarette. However, it doesn’t give off harmful smoke. They only produce water vapour from the purified, liquid nicotine. I’m not promoting smoking as I’m totally against it and do not like to see my kids puffing a stick one day. But for a former smoker like my husband, he says Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits can help heavy smokers ease their cravings as they gradually withdraw the bad habit.

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