EIGHT Things

Chris, thanks for this tag. 🙂

8 Things I’m looking Forward To (doable things for me)

* Top of my list is to finish all my workload at home
* Pay the bills this week
* Enroll kids this week
* Buy their school supplies and other stuff
* Visit our dressmaker and have the kids’ measurement taken for a new pair of uniform
* Arrange list of menus for kids’ lunch and snack @ school
* Arrange/throw/recycle old school stuff
* And yes, be able to understand how things work in blogging (so many things to learn).

8 Things I did yesterday

* Check on my blog (while kids and hubby were still asleep)
* Upload photos for scrapblog
* Coffee/Prepare breakfast
* Cook lunch
* Watch a noon time show and nap
* Prepare kids’ meryenda
* Wash clothes
* Prepare dinner and later in the evening check on my site again

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

* Go swimming or visit Eco Park before the school opens
* Buy my kids especially my daughter her favorite book at the moment
* Pay all our financial obligations
* I wish I could find a stable home-based job.
* Get a sponsor (from NGOs) to publish all my articles on HIV/AIDS.
* Enroll in a scriptwriting class
* Be at peace with myself (have my quite moment, too)
* Exercise to reduce stubborn fats and look good 🙂

8 Shows I watch

* Quickfire (10-minute cooking show)
* Some noontime show
* American Idol
* Clean House
* Prison Break
* Evening News (24 Oras)
* All About Eve
* T.E.N.

8 People I Tag

* Shie
* Ana
* Beth
* Jes
* Utotmopink
* Lina
* Earthlingorgeous
* Marites

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