Election-related diseases (don’t take this seriously)

Signs and symptoms:

For wannabe politicians:
 1. Lock jaw due to persistent laughing
2. Calloused hands because of consecutive handshaking
3. Arm sprain due to carrying babies.
4. Sore throat due to making several empty promises
5. Constipation for trying to eat with the masses.
6. Sunstroke for staying out too long with the people.
7. Tension headache  for wanting so bad to win in the elections.

For the voting public:
1. Impacted eardrums for hearing too many politicians’s speeches.
2. Mild migraine for worrying about the lack of worthy and sincere candidates
3. Babies suffering from usog due to politicians’ kisses
4. Tension headache due to reading and hearing too much about politics

1. Trust your instincts, do not get into too many political debates
2. Decide early on who to vote for and support
3. Accept all the money and other benefits a politician gives then vote for the other candidate


 On election day, go out and  vote!
source Healthbeat, DOH official magazine

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