Extreme Clothing for Extreme Weather

Make AllWeatherGear.com your one stop shop for Grundens clothing. Proper layering and the right gear when you’re fishing, rowing, racing, swimming and hiking can be the difference in measuring up to the competition or getting left in the cold. Here at All Weather Gear, we carry the top brands and have best selection of all weather gear for even the most extreme weather enthusiast. Don’t leave your results up to the average sporting goods store. Your body deserve better than imitations that can’t cut it. If you’re a fisherman, sailor, or dock worker who’s exposed to the some of the worst weather conditions every single day, you need gear that handles extreme weather with ease. Leave nothing to chance. Go to All Weather Gear and beat the extremes.

Nick Gill founded his company after growing frustrated with a lack of clothing for dinghy sailing. Since 1975, Gill jackets have been a premier choice of sailors and outdoor enthusiasts. All Gill products come with the “Gill Guarantee” that ensures that you can trust a Gill product to perform whenever you need it to. Gill products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that jackets and other Gill products will keep you warm and dry whether you’re racing sailboats, or simply battling heavy wind and rain throughout your typical day.

Grundens has been dedicated to manufacturing waterproof clothing for the commercial marine industry since 1911 using the highest quality materials and workmanship. All Grundens products are continuously tested by the hardworking men and women who face the elements working in all major bodies of water around the world in extreme high latitude weather. If your work requires you to battle the elements, choose Grundens gear to keep you warm and dry.

Find out more about Gill or Grundens products here at All Weather Gear.

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