Famous wines from Bierzo

I usually get a bottle of red wine as Christmas present from friends or from PR companies. I’ve heard the best wines come from Spain. I can’t attest to it for now as I’m not an old time wine drinker. I only taste wine once in a while. But wine lovers are all praises for the Spain-originated wine. I made a little research and found this baileyswines.com. They are carrying Bierzo wine, dubbed as the ‘new kid on the block’ for recently gaining extensive recognition in wine production. I’ve found that Bierzo is also famous for its red wines.

Bierzo is 7000 hectare place in Leon, a province northwest of Spain. Wines coming from this place have caught the attention of famous wine producer like Antonio Palacios. Aside from red wines, Bierzo produces white wines, rose wines and white and red grape wines. Wines from this region have fruity taste with strong strawberry and blackberry accents.

If you are a wine lover you know the best place to buy them, but if you are craving for Spanish wines you can check out Baileyswines.com, it is an independent online UK Wine Shop specialising in Spanish wines and wine gifts. You can browse their wine selection by regions and their grape variety.

We are aware of the health benefits of red wine, don’t we? But we still have to watch our wine or liquor intake this season to avoid any untoward incident. Remember the adage ‘everything in moderation, nothing to excess’.

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