Fashionable pool cue

I really wanted to learn how to play billiard. It’s a good thing hubby knows how to play and he promised to teach me one day. He only reminded me to be patient when we start practicing.  He said that one thing that I need to have is a light and longer pool cue  for easy grip and provide extra reach without leaning the table or bridges.
More women are now playing billiard and yes we are making waves in the international scene. There are crafted pool cues to match the need and taste of amateur and professional women players. Retailers like PoolDawg supply a wide array of branded pool cues billiard equipment from the traditional to exotic and contemporary style made by companies like Predator and Schon.
Enthusiast will be glad to know that their favorite brand such as Action Pool Cues, Cuetec, Lucasi cues, McDermott, Meucci and Viking can be availed for 20 percent less or more off suggested retail prices.
For just 36 dollars I can have my own starter cues. And who says playing billiard can’t be fashionable? I’ll reserve the purple pool cue stick above. Since my kids are showing interest in the sport as well I might get them the action race car pool cue for Khalil and Kitty and Flowers for Naomi.



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