Food to Alleviate Pain

I’ve had enough of this back pain. If only this month’s budget can squeeze the cost of a power lift chair I will order right away. But that doesn’t happen soon as we are just recovering from expenses incurred by my kids’ recent hospitalization due to dengue fever.

The only “inexpensive” way to address my back pain is to add food rich in omega-3 fatty acids to my diet. Fish, eggs and walnuts are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Also, experts recommend eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’m not used to taking supplements except vitamin C, but if only to relieve me of this awful pain on my back, another supplement pill won’t hurt. I have also been advised (by older relatives) to add ginger to my diet. So aside from adding ginger to my favorite dishes, I’m also thinking of making salabat or ginger tea for a change.

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