Food Trip Friday: Bunch o’ Lunch

I’M just glad to join fellow bloggers here at Food Trip Friday. This is a weekly photo meme for food and photography enthusiast created by mommy Willa.

I’m not an expert in photography, I don’t even own a high-end camera or finish a degree in culinary arts to boot . I happen to enjoy food and appreciate anything that satisfies my palate, that’s all.

I’ve cooked some simple dishes for my husband and two kids and so far I’ve got good responses (and praises, too) from them (naks!). No one turned blue or purple (so far) from eating the food that I prepared for them.

My meal for today is not found on my menu list at home. This is the Bunch O Lunch that we ate at Shakey’s Ever Commonwealth last Saturday.

We just love the combination of spaghetti, chicken, a slice of pizza, mojos and garlic bread.
And BOL is best served with a glass of iced tea.

Hope you like my first entry for FTF today. Please check out other sumptuous meals here.
I’m tagging sis Shie and U. Pink to join us at FTF.

23 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday: Bunch o’ Lunch

  1. ☆♥ ☆Willa☆♥ ☆

    he he he natawa naman ako sa blue and purple, ako rin,so far buhay pa naman yung mga alaga ko,kahit ang mga luto ko eh puro “pa-cham!”,meaning to say, pa chamba-chamba 😀
    Masasarap talaga ng food sa Shakey’s, nuong nanjan kami, sa Shakey’s ko rin madalas i treat yung dalawa lalo na at nami miss nila ang pizza.
    Thanks for joining us, Mommy Yami, I appreciate it a lot!


    I guess were the same, no degree whatsoever in culinary arts and a wannabe photographer. I also love to eat and cook.

    Hope you can visit my entry.

  3. Clarissa

    Me too!!Mas gusto kong kumain kesa magluto kaya lang dapat na magluto aketch,ayoko namang gutumin ang mga alaga ko kundi lagot ako lol!!
    I love that combo from Shakey’s–nakaka-miss na talaga ang lasang pinoy!!\(^0^)/
    Welcome and Happy Food Trip Friday,Mommy Yami!!^_^

  4. Yami

    @Arlene thanks. Ako din malakas ang cravings ko sa pizza pati na mga kids ko.

    @Enchie complete na kasi ang combination na patok sa mga bagets.

    @Gene ako din ginutom sa post ko. 😀

    @Welcome aboard Sassy Mommy.

    @Thanks Clang. May mga times talaga na nakakatamad magluto but for the sake of our loved ones, hala sige, luto! haha!

    @Thanks for the warm welcome Luna! 😀

  5. Momma Bams

    gosh i so much miss shakeys.. sarap naman nyan, especially yung ice tea.. lasang tea kasi talaga mga ice tea dito unlike in PI, sweet.. welcome to the world of foodtrippers

    visit my photoblog here LoveBambs

  6. U.Pink

    i had the same meal last weekend 🙂
    after almost 2 years, i was able to have a taste of shakey’s again.. lagi-lagi pizzahut kami eh kasi nasa mezzanine lang sya ng building where we live and another thing is, we have a palm card.. ^^

  7. Seiko

    Hi!My first time to visit here.Kagaya ni Mommy Willa natawa din ako sa blue & purple.Seeing this made me more missing PI back home.Looks yummy & ‘m drooling out here now.
    Btw,thanks for the visit & dropped someline as you go.

  8. Yami

    @Mommy Seiko when you visit home sana magkita-kita ang mga Mommy Moments participants, ano. Thanks din for visiting back. Hope to see you again. Regular visitor na rin ako sa site mo from now on. 🙂

  9. Seiko

    I would be glad too!I’ll let you know then & gonna visit you here constantly lalo na ngayon hindi ako nag-iisa hehe.A huge thanks!:)

  10. lemuel

    you mentioned you cook simple meals at home and had great response, maybe it is a sign that you can also cook not so simple ones. usually we cook dishes that were also served to us when we were kids by our parents. my mom and my sister are great cooks which turned me to an “eater” at home. i was never given the opportunity to cook at home because they all do the cooking (including my aunt). when i got married, i knew i could cook but was really out of practice. at first, the food tasted ordinary but after a few practice, it became good….

  11. pehpot

    I like Shakey’s din, minsan minsan I crave for their Pizza. Have you seen my Mommy Moments na? nagmadlai kase ako sa pagpopost nun kaya ayun di ko na na check ung link, super hiya naman ako sa inyo, imbis na ung cute na mukha ni chico na puro spag sa shakey’s ang nakita nyo, un pang kay pacman..asar!

    at leats nag enjoy ka kay Mr Titi Walla..wahaha

    Make or Break


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