Food Trip Friday: Fish fillet and Potato Chips

I always get excited whenever I try a new dish for my picky-eaters. For today I will be sharing with you my version of Fish Fillet and potato chips. What I did was I soaked the sliced fish fillet (I bought a kilo of Yellow Fin Tuna already sliced) in a bowl of soda (Sprite) before dredging the fish in a separate bowl of all-purpose flour with a dash of salt, pepper and Vetsin. I pan-fry it in a hot-cooking oil until its golden brown. This is the finish product. I also added a sliced fried potato to serve as side dish. The whole thing was done in less than an hour.

Fresh from the pan

My children’s lunchbox

I cut the sliced fillet into smaller bite size and laced it with a mixture of mayonnaise and catchup to enhance the taste. My kids love the simple presentation and gave my latest dish two thumbs up.

In my previous post I discussed about preparing nutritious food for our school-aged kids where we can add three or four food groups to their meal to fuel them through a lot of school day’s activities. This include rice, fried fish (chicken or pork), buttered or boiled vegetables, and fruit in season.

This dish is not only nutritious but also easy to prepare.

Now, if you are craving for more dish you can find them all here. Have a nice Food Trip Friday!

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