Forget 3D-Printing, Here Come the Latest Mills

With all the hype about how 3D-printing is going to save the economy by creating a brand new prototyping process, its surprising to many in the machining industry that there hasn’t been more press about the wonders of the 5 axis mill.

After all, it is one thing to prototype in plastic or a composite material in order to test the contours of a product, but if you require a finished metal, how are you supposed to test it correctly if you are not creating it with the best 5 axis mill?

MDA Precision offers a state of the art 5 axis mill that can be setup quickly and is almost fully automated. From the time the material is locked down, the machine selects the tool that you have asked it to use from a slide away tool compartment that opens to reveal a range of tools that could be used. Once the tool is selected and checked automatically, the machine goes into its pre-programmed routine and starts milling metal.

As it is a 5 axis machine, those who see it in action before, still like to stick around and watch it do its work, it is that impressive. The material holder rotates as the blade remains straight and cuts through whatever pattern you desire. As the pattern is cut in one portion of the material, it will rotate again as necessary to provide a clean and uncut face for the blade so that it may continue to do its work.

The entire process takes a very short time and the accuracy of the cutting process is of manufacturing grade every time.

If you don’t always require a 5 axis machine, Precision also offers a great benchtop mill series that can scale up to 5 axis, but is more commonly configured to mill items that require a 3 axis or a 4 axis machine. Compact in overall size and dimension, the benchtop series is controlled by a system known as MACH that has an extensive set of features that will allow you to use the mini-mills to their full extent.

So whether you require a stand-alone device with impressive throughput, or a benchtop mill that can compete with much larger machines, Precision can help you find the right solution to fit your manufacturing needs.

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