Free week at Photohunt: My budding artist

It’s free week at Photohunt this Saturday so participants have a free hand to post whatever pictures they see fit.  I’m sharing some drawings made by my 12-year-old daughter. She is spending her creative time wisely no doubt she’s getting better everyday.


20 thoughts on “Free week at Photohunt: My budding artist

  1. Mom of Four

    This is amazing Mommy Yami, I can’t believe that these are work of a 12 year old. My son who’s 7 loves to draw, that when my scanner gets attached to my laptop, I will scan some of his works too, our kids are talented. I don’t have an art blood running through my veins, hehe..

  2. kAyE

    oh my gawd she’s only 12?? and here i am at 25 and i can only draw stick figures. LOL.

    talented ang daughter mo mommy! grabe i love her sketches!

  3. Yami

    Thanks so much my friends! My daughter read you comments and she was happy about what you have said about her drawings. Nainspire pa lalo. And she’s getting better everyday. I’m really proud of her.

  4. JessQ

    May pinagmanahan yang pretty lass of yours Yami, di ba? Congratulations din sa proud parents for bringing up and supporting a new breed of artist!! And, of course, my warm felicitations to the 12yr old painter!! What’s her name?

  5. Yami

    @JessQ, my daughter’s name is Naomi. Thanks.

    @Clarissa you’re right ‘yung ibang drawings niya mga bida sa Japanese animated film. Her favorite anime character pala is Sakura. 🙂


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