FTF: Homemade Spanish Sardines

My version of homemade Spanish Sardines

I got the original recipe from delish.wordpress.com, but made a few changes/added some ingredients to it. This is what I’ve got after more than one hour. My version may not be as good as the original recipe, but am proud to make my loved one’s tummy full (again). Not bad cooking eh. More FTF entries here.

14 thoughts on “FTF: Homemade Spanish Sardines

  1. Yami

    @Willa, thanks. Actually mas masarap ang luto ko nung unang try ko, second di ako gaano satisfied. kulang pa sa practice.

    @Meikah thanks.

  2. Luke

    hi, Yami. This really looks delicious. It’s the first time I heard of a homemade spanish sardines. But any homemade food is gotta be good. 🙂 Nice post.

  3. Luke

    Naku sana nga, Yami, but I was not so lucky to be among the winners. But it’s okay. Did not expect din naman talaga eh. lol. BUT… the fact that you thought I won, okay na yun sa akin. Yey! Thanks, Yami. 😀


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