Funny me

Not exactly me, but what I did to my pictures out of stress.I have a deadline to meet today but have yet to complete a single post. Waah! I need a break even for a couple of minutes, please? It’s a good thing I find this amusing site where I turn to for relaxation and have photo fun!

Funny Pictures
Co-starring in a widely acclaimed movie Avatar
Funny Pictures
Love of Edward Cullen’s life
Funny Pictures
 Play mysterious in a coin

See I can create different amazing effects of my favorite photo at the moment in less than a minute.

If you want to create your personal photofun album using this great effects just visit Upload your photo and select the best effect of your choice. See the result in less than one minute and be the envy of your online friends.

Funny Pictures
“Work of art”

You can download the pictures and place it as your profile photo in any social network or create a crafty header for your blog or website using photofunia.

You can also make new effect everyday using more than 100 effects. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for that cute photos in you file folder now, better yet take a snap shot of that cute face pronto! 😀

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