Gifts for the loved ones

Oh yes, why I haven’t thought of voucher codes. I can use one if ever I’m going to buy gifts online for my family and some relatives. My mom and sister will have their birthdays this month while my son’s 15th birthday will be in July.


August is a special day for me and my honey because it’s the month when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. The budget is a little tight these days after we’ve spent a sum for the kids’ enrolment, so I’ll try to give something simple but useful for these special people. I’ll be sending voucher codes for my sister and mom because it would be physically impossible for me to hand out gifts to them. My son, on the other hand, wants to have a new bag from Jansport Philippines. I might give in to his request because I believe in the product because of its style and durability (two of the characteristics I look for in a product). As for my anniversary gift to hubby, I’d probably buy him a couple of shirts since he needs to update his wardrobe.

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