Girls Talk: I love me!

Niko ofΒ is running her first ever meme called Girls Talk and I have been invited to be part of its historical launch yesterday (Thursday). πŸ˜‰

For its initial theme titled ‘I Love Me’, participants would simply answer the question ‘Why you love being a girl?’

So here it goes. I love being a girl because I can easily change roles from being a mom and a wife to the next without much effort. I don’t need to change my wardrobe in performing all those roles, well except for the last part when I need to be my husband’s slave at night. LOLz. Kidding aside I love being me because my husband admires simplicity in a girl. He wouldn’t go for girls who are too girly or too flirty. I love being me because God gave me two wonderful kids I wouldn’t be able to meet or have in another life. I just love this life. I love being me. I love our simple family life although I still pray to God to make it a little more comfortable for our children. And lastly if I’m not a girl, I wouldn’t be joining Niko’s meme here.

I would like to invite my friends U. Pink and Shie to join our GT activity every Thursday.

11 thoughts on “Girls Talk: I love me!

  1. pehpot

    swak na swak di ba.. we all love being a girl bec we have the ability to have kids hihi

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  2. nikogirl

    tumpak naman.. kung hindi tlga girl di pede sumali sa girls talk LOL hehehe

    i agree, ang wardrobe na yan display na lng.. weeeeh prang green hahahah πŸ˜€

    anyways thanks for joining girl! see u next week ha

    hugs and kisses

  3. Dinah

    you are so right yami. we are not diminished once we ladies become mothers and wives. our value multiplies a hundredfold because of the love we give and receive from those whom we dedicate our life. and it sure is fun to be a girl, a mom and a wife!

  4. shykulasa

    thanks for the tag sis, appreciate the fact na di mo ako nakakalimutan…i’ll find time to post this one …

    i love being a girl but If i had a choice, i would have preferred being a boy, hehe

  5. genefaith

    he..he…in performing our different roles we don’t need to change wardrobe except at night..ang kulit!..LOL! di namn tayo husband’s slave at night, I much prefer his lover…LOL!

    Mine is HERE


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