Good and bad news

 I’m sharing good news and some bad news today. The good news is that my daughter’s effort to get a better grade has paid off.  She is included in the list of Achievers for the second grading period. A student should have an average grade of 91 percent to be included in the A-list. Her grades especially in English and Math subjects have improved a lot. I owe it to her self-determination. And now the bad news, my son got a low grade in Math as in real low. It is disappointing. He needs a tutor but we can’t afford to hire one at the moment. Maybe I should really take time off from my online activity to devote more time for my son’s studies. They will have their monthly test on Thursday and Friday. I should start browsing my son’s book today. But I have one minor concern, I’m not good at Math especially fraction how will I teach him then? Waah!

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