GT: Fave perfume

I have no particular fave scent at the moment. But if ever I would wear one I choose the product  with the flowery or sweet scent. Strong scent irritates my nose causing me to sneeze.  At Girl’s Talk this week, girls are talking about their favorite scent. Here’s what I’ve got in our toiletry basket. Cologne to freshen me and my kids up. It comes in handy when I feel a bit icky.

How about you? Do you have a favorite scent on a particular day? Find out what other girls say about their favorite scent @

5 thoughts on “GT: Fave perfume

  1. nikogirl

    kaya pla amoy baby ka!! alam ko na sikreto mo!! 🙂 ihhhhhh bango!!

    thakns for joining mom yami 🙂 see u next week ha.. fave shoes naman

    ingat lagi!

  2. Mom of Four

    Ay mabango yan, siguro kayang i tolerate ng allergy ko yan, basta wag lang masyadong marami, kasi ang sinus allergy ko grabe eh..kahit akong amoy ayaw. nasusuka na ako basta nakaamoy ng strong scent..

    Take care..


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