GT: Favorite shoes

Dr. Scholls

These are the footwear I used to love and yes use interchangeably when I was covering the beat. I don’t own a stiletto or anything close to that. Comfy shoes are the best foot buddy that I have during those days you know when you are always on the go and need to walk God knows how far. Guess whose feet these rugged shoes are serving now? My daughter’s. She loves the chuck as well the pair of Rockport shoes so much.

Care to see how many fabulous shoes my friends got here.

8 thoughts on “GT: Favorite shoes

  1. nikogirl

    omg. really?? ang galing.. napasa mo pa sa pretty daughter mo ur shoes.. sana ako rin 😀 waaaah i dont even have chuck to pass on.. i need to buy one tlga soon 😀

    thanks for joining mom yami!! ihh love mo ko tlga 🙂 LOL see u next week ulit ha.. fave dress naman!!

    ingat lagi! mwah mwah

  2. Yami

    For Kaye, Chie and Niko, thanks.

    Mukhang pass yata ako next week I don’t have a fave dress because i dont own one. set of jeans and shirt na lang.

  3. bambie

    oh! we have the same color of chucks. kaya lang i didn’t post a picture of mine kasi as of now, mejo bordering on dark blue na sya sa dumi. LOL!

    anyway, my entry is here.

  4. Clarissa

    I soo love your Chucks,Mommy Yami!!We have the same taste sa shoes!^_^Di kasi sanay ang paa ko na nakalabas,palaging nakatago kasi mukhang paa ng manok ang feet ko lol!!\(^0^)/

  5. Yami

    @Bambie, marumi na rin ang chucks na yan pero wala favorite talaga kahit di na kasya eh.

    @Clarissa, thanks. Pareho tayo di rin ako sanay sa mga girly shoes and kahiya ipakita ang paa na korteng luya, HAHAHA!


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