GT: My favorite bag(s)

For the month of October and November, GT will talk about our favorite things. This week the theme is about favorite bag. I’m showing you two of the remaining bags I used to bring at work.

 Our Tribe backpack
Suede messenger bag

I can only load my tape recorder, notepad and some toiletries inside the first bag, while the messenger bag though its heavy is versatile. Its stylish even if it carries a lot of stuff. I used to love these two bags but now they are just fixtures inside our cabinet.

I hope my daughter would appreciate my bags and maybe use them even if they are no longer in fashion. Visit more girls here and see how glamorous they are with their favorite bags in tow.  Happy GT day!

8 thoughts on “GT: My favorite bag(s)

  1. Dee

    Very stylish nga! I also like to get a messenger bag kasi I like the look of slinging it over the body, so cool and trendy. 🙂

  2. Clarissa

    Your messenger bag is spacious!!Mine’s bigger enough to put all my kids belongings in one bag but I’m glad na graduate na rin ako sa malalaking bags. I love that tribe backpack,too!!^_^

  3. Seiko

    Very memorable pala sa yo ang bags na to mommy.I like the Suede messneger bag parang napaka convinient gamitin at maraming pwedeng ilagay,bagay sa katulad kong mahilig magdala ng abubot;D


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