GT: Things women can do that men cannot

Niko, the beautiful mom behind Girls Talk, is asking another thought provoking question for women bloggers this week: What are the things women can do that men cannot?

I saw this piece from which is very apt for today’s theme. I thought I might share this with fellow GT girls.

Twenty-one things only chicks can do

1. Get pregnant
2. Fake it (maybe it refers to the big β€˜O’)
3. Ask for directions
4. Look sexy while sipping fruity cocktails
5. Live longer
6. Have multiple β€˜O’
7. Multitask
8. Get a new last name
9. Wear skirts
10. Get out of a speeding ticket
11. Become a cougar, not a dirty old man
12. Wing it on the dance floor…convincingly
13. Wear high-heels
14. Flirt with the bouncer
15. Blame it on PMS
16. Grow out our hair
17. Cover up a zit
18. Get aroused without the entire room knowing it
19. Wear a thong
20. Get a manicure
21. Make a longer list of our talents

Can men beat this list? I bet not. How about you what do you think are our edge over boys? Find out at Girls Talk.

12 thoughts on “GT: Things women can do that men cannot

  1. pehpot

    get pregnant.. mare di rin natin kayang gawin mag isa to wahaha.. need pa rin boys eh

    FAKE IT… super agree!! wahaha

    mulitple O? guys can do that too, kailangan lang ng kaunting talent form their partners..

    get aroused? kurak!

    make a longer list of our talents while faking a mulitple orgasm.. now that’s multitasking.. wahaha

    I love it all Mare!

  2. nikogirl

    weeee medyo rated ung ibang nsa list buti na lng above 18 na tau πŸ˜€ LOL

    love the list ha πŸ™‚ galing galing hehehe

    thanks for joining this week.. see u again next week ha! favorite things on earth nmn theme naten..

    mwah mwah


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