Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter, Naomi

My daughter is celebrating her 13th birthday today. Like what Marce Chris commented on my other site, we have an official teenager in the house. I wish my daughter to have a happy and long, healthy life. I pray that God will grant her wishes. She told me that she wanted to be a writer and painter when she grows up. I believe she will be one someday. She just have to work hard for it, pray for it, study, and practice to write well and draw and paint some more to hone her God-given talent. Mom and Dad will support her all the way.

Instead of posting her picture here, I’ll post her recent artwork – her watercolor painting. She did this last week and I’m excited to share it with you. I may not be an expert with regards appreciating artworks, but in my heart I can see a young artist in her who will have her own art exhibit in the near future. To encourage her to draw and paint and let other people appreciate it, I asked her if she is interested to have her own separate blog for her drawings and now her paintings.

 “Tree 2”  (finger painting) 
Painted initials

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