Healthy Baby Check up

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This week’s Mommy Moments theme is “Doctor, doctor am I sick?”

I don’t have pictures of my kids when they were confined at the hospital. These photos were taken when we visited our pedia’s clinic in Novaliches. They were scheduled for a
well-baby (no longer babies) check up. I think one of them is scheduled for a vaccination that day.

My cute little girl at 6 years old.

Chubby Khalil, about three-years old here. He adores his Ate and emulates whatever she does.

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20 thoughts on “Healthy Baby Check up

  1. Miriam

    thanks nel. they’re only scared when its vaccination time. 🙂

    @twinkie…they are also good at making faces in front of the camera until now. 🙂

    thanks for dropping by mommies…:)

  2. Beth

    my kids enjoy going to the doctor’s clinic too! their pedia kasi has so many interactive toys sa clinic niya 🙂

    good to know that they know how to while away their time while waiting. 🙂

  3. Miriam

    for my kids, it’s like a picnic because after going to the clinic,out next stop will be the nearest mall. it’s always like that until now. 🙂

    thanks for dropping by…(^_^)/

  4. Jes

    wow ang lalaki nng mga bata =) sana nga lumaking masigla at walang anumang sakit ang mga ank ko =) hay…hirao ng me sakit sila llu n yungkawasaki n yun! nde p nagka dengue ang ank ko..ang asawa ko lng. =0

  5. Beth Moreno

    visiting your mommy moments! btw, where in novaliches? kasi ako na novaliches ako nakatira. sa may general luis kami.

    hope you can visit my mommy moments too. cheers! =)


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