Hide those love handles

Except for the sightly love handles, my husband maintains his lanky figure after all these years. The bulge in his midsection is caused by lack of exercise. But having bulges isn’t a big thing for him since he doesn’t wear tight-fitting shirts. He is into semi loose tops.

However, if he becomes conscious of his flabby area there are available means to get of rid fats, painless. I don’t mean fancy diets or cosmetic surgery here. It’s not part of my husband’s vocabulary to undergo crash diets or go through liposuction to lose excess fat. He can get into sport that would tone his muscles or wear this magic shirt called Insta Slim. I say magic because once you wear it you will appear slim in an instant. You can wear it casually or as undershirt.

The shirt has three styles to suit you needs. My husband will surely look good on all three – muscle tank, crew neck, v-neck. These shirts are guaranteed to keep 3 inches off your midsection making you look toned and slim. If you are interested you can purcase them online. I think they are not available in stores for now so check out their site or call 800-891-6147 to talk to a representative. By the way, they offer a buy one-get one promo for customers or save at least $30 to $40 when you avail one Insta Slim shirt.

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