Hope for the needy

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Two week ago, we went to National Bookstore at SM Fairview to buy some school supplies. We have yet to complete the list so we are planning to go back before the school opening next month.

We spent an ample amount for the items. I just thought to myself, if we can afford to buy the basic things that we need, what about those children who can’t even buy their own meal for the day?

We try to explain to our kids everything that we do for them in a manner that they can easily understand us. We always tell them that not all children are lucky to go to school. Some children who are dying to study do not have the means to do so. While there are children whose parents are capable of sending them to good schools, are not showing interest in school. That’s the sad reality of life.

In their young minds, they already understand that we are doing our responsibility to equip them for the future, to make them competitive in the real world. We only encourage them to give it their best shot by studying their lessons well.

Our kids’ future still depends on what road they will choose to travel. We are only here to guide them.
As a mom, I feel for children whose parents could not support them. If only I could do something to alleviate their poverty.

A number of institutions, individuals and even game shows on TV help the less fortunate kids realize their dreams. On the international level, there is Plan Canada, who channels donations and even permanent help to assist our brothers in need.

By sponsoring a child, we don’t only help a single child, but his community as well. The single cents gathered will help them build schools and improve their lives in general.

Imagine the little amount we can give to help millions of kids go back to school. We can sponsor a child and we can start now. Imagine your $35 a month can sustain a single child. Please visit plancanada.ca and see what you can do to help a child and his community rise from poverty.

I hope similar projects will serve as an inspiration to other people in other parts of the world to do just the same act of kindness to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, especially children.

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