How is old is old?

I got this tag from Chris.

Grey hair, poor eyesight, aching joints, and poor digestion usually characterize an old person. However, there are people who have yet to reach their 40s, but are complaining of similar signs of old age. So how old is old? Aside from the physical changes that naturally occur to a person, being old is when you think and act your age. You can’t act like a teenybopper when you are already 30 years old, that’s an indication of immaturity.

I hope I satisfy the question. This is a contest created by Cathara Main. Visit her site for the mechanics.

Now, I’m excited to find out what will be the answer of these lovely ladies I’m tagging. They are Shie, U. Pink, Niko, Tetcha and Gene.

9 thoughts on “How is old is old?

  1. Yami

    @ Chris thanks! ang tagal ko pinagisipan yan hehe 🙂

    @Niko, ngek wala pa ba check ko nga. baka na-follow lang kita. Thanks for reminding me, hehe. See, sign of old age na ito. waaah!

  2. cathara

    hey ms yami. youre answers yummy too:D

    very enlightening.

    thank you so much for joining, adding me to your list and subscribing:) i did the last 2 too:)

    good luck:D

  3. Yami

    @Shie thanks. 🙂

    @Gene nakakawindang ba, hehe. abangan ko ginawa mo. 🙂

    @Ms. Cathara thanks for following and for the add, too. Sana manalo ako, hehe.


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