How much is your P2 worth to a boy (and the lesson of plastic bag)

I was at the chicken section of the Manggahan Market last night and was haggling with the lady vendor when someone touch my right arm. Even before I could turn my head I knew it was another persistent seller of sando plastic bag. I’m preparing to drive him away when I saw this little boy who is about three and a half feet and wearing a ragged blue shirt and tattered black short. His right eye has some condition. I don’t know if it is a cataract, but his iris (the colored part of eye) is all white. His eyes were droopy making him look more piteous. I don’t really need another sando bag. I’m carrying three small ones for the stuff that I bought. Instead of getting the plastic bag, I just gave him P2. If I have a bigger amount in my pocket I would have given him more than that. His face lightened up when I said he can have the coins and his bag. He uttered thank you in a muffled voice and walk away.

(~Disposable plastic bags takes thousands of years to degrade in landfill. I don’t feel less guilty in using one. I don’t even promote its use. So next time I won’t forget to bring my bayong (reusable plastic bag made of sturdy material) to my next visit to the market.~)

7 thoughts on “How much is your P2 worth to a boy (and the lesson of plastic bag)

  1. U.Pink

    serious sis.. do you really use bayong? cos i want to buy something like that pero yung stylish na bayong huh.. good for market days.. san kaya makakabili non? πŸ˜€

  2. Yami

    Tunay sis. πŸ™‚ Plastic bayong siya sa market ko lang nabili. I think meron namang mga fashionable bayong na available. check out larger supermarket.

  3. Bengbeng

    if i were to see the boy. i dont know what i would do. would i do as you did or would i just not notice it.. i mean really not notice it and not pretend not to notice it.

  4. onlinemommy

    Dito lang ata hindi kinocontrol ang paggamit ng plastic bags πŸ™

    Nakakaawa ang bata mommy pero nakakapag init ng dugo ang mga magulang ng bata… haay…

    Malapit ka lang po ba sa Manggahan? Dati dyan din ako namamalengke kasama ng nanay ko kase dati sa North Fairview kami nakatira. yan na ata ang pinakamurang palengke sa buong Kamaynilaan hahahaha…

    Newi mommy, up na po ung bago kong domain, paki-update na lng po ung link ng Online Mommy’s Corner to
    Maraming Salamat.

  5. Yami

    @Jes kung rich lang tayo kagaya nung mga tao sa isang post ko makakaya nating magtayo ng foundation.

    @Chubskulit nakakaawa talaga kaso wala naman akong magawa to help him. Thanks.

    @Bengbeng mahirap magpretend na hindi ko nakita eh. oo, nung una di ko pinansin pero nagsecond look ako dahil nga sa ayos niya, syempre naawa ako naman ako. di rin siya agad umalis sa tabi ko.

    @Onlinemommy updated na ang link mo sa akin. Maganda mamili sa Manggahan kumpleto ang paninda. muntik na pala tayong maging magkapitbahay. πŸ™‚


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