How To Fight A Traffic Ticket Without Going To Court!

Traffic tickets can be expensive. In addition to the associated fines, you may also receive points on your license and your insurance premiums may go up. So, if you’ve been pulled over, you probably want to know how to contest speeding ticket and other traffic tickets. The good news is that you may be able to do so without ever having to appear in court.

After Getting Pulled Over

The best time to fight a traffic ticket is before it has been issued. Police officers have some discretion in who they issue tickets to. So, following a few guidelines can help you drive away without one.

  • Be Calm and Respectful: Good manners go a long way toward avoiding a ticket. Fighting with the police officer will only make things worse. Instead, be polite, compliant and friendly.
  • Get the Details: Note down details such as radar readings, the time and date, your current insurance and registration details, the weather and even the clothes everyone was wearing. These details may help you call into question the official report.
  • Please Your Case: If you are able to strike up a rapport with the officer, try pleading your case. Be sincere and make it clear that it is a big deal for you. If you have been friendly and accommodating, simply asking to avoid the ticket may be enough to convince the police officer.

After Receiving a Ticket

Even if you drive away with a ticket, you may still be able to fight it without appearing in court. In some states, you can file for a trial by written declaration. Explain in detail why you think your ticket should be dismissed. Use the details you recorded when you were pulled over. Photographs and diagrams can also go a long way. There are a few strategies you can use.

  • Challenge the officer’s observations.
  • Show that your conduct was legally justified.
  • Prove that markings or signs were obstructed or missing.

For the best results, consider hiring a traffic lawyer. An experienced team will help you help you avoid paying fines, getting points or having increased insurance premiums.

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