How to keep your cool: effects of scolding to a child

Scold.. but don’t berate your children
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I witnessed something rather distressing last weekend. I was at a family lunch and my 7 yo cousin was being scolded by his mum for being rude to her. Actually, he really was not that rude (she should hear some of the things my kids say to me!). He told
her “not to make fun” of him when she admonished him for something. The mum flipped. She proceeded to scold him in front of all of us and then it got personal. She told him that he had an “idiotic brain”. That was when I felt truly uncomfortable because I saw how humiliated the boy was.

There were a few things that this mum did not reccognise at that time because of her temper:

(1) There were people around – her son was humiliated. He wasn’t just simply admonished or “being put in his place”.

(2) There was no excuse to berate your child – especially not in front of an audience.

(3) There is a requirement to curb your temper or at least, control your action or reaction around children.

From my personal experience, children are born very innocent. They do not possess the protective layers that we, as adults and through years of experience and heartache, have developed. Any barbs and stings pierce right through to their fragile souls. Ironically, our protectors ie our mums and dads, are the ones that hurt us deepest of all with their unkind words.

As parents, let’s remember to VALIDATE our children. Often and always.
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