How to Take Stunning Family Portraits

For most of us, our families are our stronghold, our wellspring of strength and inspiration. What better way to show our pride in them than by hanging family portraits on our living room walls, for everyone to see. Either that or posting an online album for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Careful planning has to come into play when taking family portraits, as you certainly wouldn’t want to end up with a mediocre shot.

As a start, you could arrange the family members in a pyramid or triangular pose, making sure not to keep all tall members on one side. This makes for symmetry. If you can’t seem to arrange them in a pleasant way, try using a stool, for instance, to adjust someone’s height.

Family portraits like birth announcements look spectacular when the subjects look relaxed. Try to capture them with their most natural facial expressions. Otherwise, you may end up with unnatural, stiff smiles.

If you prefer, you can have all family members wear outfits of the same color, and shoot them against a plain background. You can have them pose freely and just capture the moment.

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