Hugging promotes wellness

Today’s motivation for mom says: 

For me hugging and kissing my kids do not only comfort or pacify their weary hearts but assure them how much I love them even if there are moments when mommy is in terrible mood. I asked my son if it is important for a child to be hugged and kissed by a mom. In a deep thought he said, it (hugging) gives the child the feeling that he is important and loved.

I’m sharing a note on the benefits of hugging:

Hugging is not only a nice way to start the day, but it’s also necessary for our positive physical and emotional well-being, according to recent research.
Benefits for kids
Various experiments have shown that hugging can make people feel better about themselves, positively affect children’s language skills and IQ, and help improve the mental outlook of the person who is being hugged, as well as the hugger. According to author, nurse and hug expert Kathleen Keating in The Hug Therapy Book, hugging is a very special form of touch therapy that significantly contributes to the way a person heals, and his/her overall health.

Benefits for couples
Another true-life example is given by David Bresler, Ph.D, former director of UCLA’s Pain Control Clinic, who instructed a female patient suffering from reoccurring pain to receive four hugs a day administered by her husband. Once her hugging therapy began, the patient’s pain subsided. Touch therapy expert Helen Colton says that touch is a basic healing need sometimes even more vital than medication. Colton’s observations indicate that when a person’s need for hugging is satisfied, he becomes physically and emotionally stronger and better able to handle problems or traumas.

 Go and give your kids and hubby a hug. I’ll do my share after this. 🙂

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