I Heart Places – Play

Swing to their hearts content
I missed my kids when they were younger. They used to play a lot, not with other kids though as they seldom mingle with other kids in the neighborhood. They were just shy to be with other children. This year, we had the opportunity to visit La Mesa Ecopark. It’s the nearest park in our place. My son saw this swing and invited her sister to join him. They had so much fun. It’s been years since we last visited a theme park. Just look at my son’s face. I was watching them from a far, it was their Dad who took the picture. I feel so happy seeing my kids in the pink of health and enjoying simple things like this. It also feels good to commune with nature from time to time. If I would have my way I would make a visit to the park a weekly habit. But with the kind of schedule that I have now and that kids are back to school maybe it can wait for awhile.

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