I love yous and goodnight kisses

I no longer receive cards or letters from my kids. I miss the days when they used to give me one on special occasions like my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and Mother’s Day. I miss reading meaningful words telling me how they appreciate the little and big things I did for them, and how they loved me for that. I miss those days, really. Kids their age nowadays learn to be secretive and less expressive of their affection towards their parents.

But a little revelation made me smile tonight. I accidentally saw my son’s journal and read a portion which says he will pay attention and study harder to make us proud of him. He promised to work on his grades so we won’t get disappointed. Things like that makes my heart warm because I know that he cares about what we feel.

No more letters or cards on special occasions, but I still get goodnight kisses and I love yous from my kids before they go to bed…and that’s more than enough to make my heart smile.

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