If I were Pehpot

This is a task err a little activity for our friend and Marce Pehpot on her birthday. (Marce walang solian ng kandila ha. Hehe)

ON being a parent, wife, and homemaker:

1. ON being a parent, I will raise my kids to be God-fearing and peace-loving individuals.
2. As a wife to Cata, I will stay as sweet, loving and understanding wife to him.
3. If nosy neighbours or anyone tell something bad about my kids, beware, I’m out to get them. Hehe

On being OC and “aholic”:

1. Nothing bad about being an OC, but I would arrange my cabinet as if I have not arranged them the last couple of hours.
2. Messy means clutter on my work desk
3. Nope I would not add another blog on my 8 existing blogs, not a chance hehe

On being sexy:

1.I would wear a little red nightie on the eve of Valentine’s Day.
2.If its JJ night, I would wear nothing except a sweet smile on my face LOL.

On your “un-selfish” day:

1. If I have P5M today, I would buy our own house, buy my kids all the toys they want, cute outfit for them and my Princess Sati, buy a bigger car for my family and anything that my husband fancies.
2. I wish to have a curvaceous body (Hi Dra. Bello) to die for, a figure that Cata would drool over LOL.

For Marce Pehpot, I’m glad to be one of your friends and kumares (Sati’s godmother). I wish you all the best, Peh. More exciting things to come on your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Pehpot!

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